About VITS

VITS is a simple and affordable occupational health and safety management solution
made for health and safety specialists, by health and safety specialists

Our occupational health and safety software solution is easy to use and doesn’t require an extra implementation period.
The aim of our product is to reduce time that goes to admin work.

Instead the health and safety specialist can spend more time in the actual work environment preventing work accidents and work related diseases.

We want to help companies make a smooth transition from excel and paper to an effective digital health and safety solution.

Jaanika Jelistratov
CEO & founder

The idea of VITS came from my 10 years experience working as a health and safety specialist.
I have always loved my job and the health and safety industry in general, but what I didn’t like was the admin part – creating documentation, keeping track of important deadlines, chasing conformations and so on.

This is why VITS was created.
I have worked together with many companies from different industries. I was part of the most successful and largest health and safety service provider in Estonia.

Today, my team and I work hard to provide a product that is powerful,
but still simple and intuitive.

We don’t just demo. We offer insights

Our experts will show how VITS can benefit your company