Manage Your
Health and Safety
In a Single Place

Rid yourself of updating excel spreadsheets and
centralise your health and safety processes with VITS.


If you find yourself spending more time in Excel than proactively managing the health and safety in your organisation then VITS can help.

VITS was designed for health and safety professionals by health and safety professionals for the specific purpose of getting you out of Excel, standardising processes into a single location, and providing complete visibility into the important data all while ensuring you stay compliant.

See why more than 2500 professionals manage their health
and safety with VITS

Regulation compliance
made simple

Safety training cards, PPE registration cards, and work accident reports are all automatically generated with VITS. We keep up with the pace of changing laws, regulations, and policies.

So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with VITS.

Get out of Excel

You no longer have to spend time in Excel with VITS. Joining our platform is quick and easy. In just a few hours, you can start instructing employees, arranging health checks and registering personal protective equipment.

Visibility into processes

VITS gives you a complete overview of occupational health and safety processes. You no longer need programs to organize various activities such as mentoring employees or risk analysis.
At VITS, all your occupational health and safety processes are in one place, providing an overview and creating logical, automated workflows.

Powerful integration
with human resource platforms

We are fully integrated with a range of human resource platforms with more being added all of the time. Letting you manage the list of employees automatically without manually keeping track of leavers and new employees.

Our Clients Speak

The main benefits that VITS has brought us are automatisation and digitalization of health and safety processes. Before VITS I had an huge Excel which was hard to track anddid lots of paper-filling. Now I’ve gone almost paper-free and all the important dates are notified and easy to check. VITS saves me a lot of valuable time.

Maksim Velbaum

Business Proccesses and IT Development Specialist, Sjolund Estonia OÜ

Since using VITS I’ve found out how convenient it is to have everything regarding health & safety in the same compact place, where you can easily get notified which you have to deal with. It is especially great with health checks. We fill tremendously less papers now and the processes take less time.

Peep Naarismaa

Purchase Manager, Tene Kaubandus OÜ

VITS has given me a better overview of documents and deadlines which are related to a certain employee. Our production masters have significantly reduced burden regarding instructing russian-speaking employees since VITS creates documents in russian. VITS has helped to update our instruction processes. The key factors for me have been saving time and transparency.

Indrek Vodja

Development Manager, Galv-Est AS

We wanted to try more convenient way to instruct new employees and manage health checks and VITS has provided exactly that. It was managed by one employee who had a file but now it is easy to give user rights to have a better overall management. Notifications make sure nothing is overlooked and it is very necessary regarding the health checks.

Kadri Ööbik

Learning and Development Specialist, HR Factory OÜ

Our goal was to eliminate fat instructions folders so we were looking for a comprehensive and fast web-based automated system. Our production workers may have several competences with us, when adding a new competency/occupation to an employee in VITS, the system gives a clear view of what instructions the employee needs to read. Saving time and having a clear overview are huge benefits for us.

Aile Salundi

Work Environment Specialist, Prysmian Group Baltics AS

Frequently asked question

How do I stay compliant with VITS?

VITS ensures that the employer has all the necessary tools to provide compliance in health & safety processes which are required to do with employees. Our functionality is compliant with the applicable law. To ensure that everything is up to date, VITS provides regular notifications and updates to the main user.

GDPR - Where is the data stored?

The data reflected in VITS is stored on Zone Media’s private virtual server (located in Tallinn, Estonia and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands), which has SSDs, a separate IP address, daily backups, a web-based control panel, and root user access via SSH. The platform data is backed up in every 24 hours.

GDPR - How long do you keep the data?

We have ensured the storage and retention of data in accordance with the concluded agreements with both third party (Zone Media OÜ) and partners (customers). We store data according to the duration of the contract, but not more than 55 years, which is a legal requirement. If the contract expires, we will delete the customer’s data from the database within one month.

Does every employee need to have an account?

No. The employee receives an e-mail that his/her employer has sent him/her containing the documents for approval and a link to the instruction environment.
When clicked, the link opens a list of instructions or PPE sent to the employee for approval in a separate window. The environment does not require a separate login.

Not all of my employees have emails?

Instructions can be sent to the employee, etc. only by e-mail, be it work or personal e-mail. However, if the employee does not have an e-mail address at all, the employee can still be instructed manually by VITS.

How long does the setup take time to get all the employees data saved?

The setup process depends on number of things like the amount of data (employees, instructions, documents) you would want upload, the time you have to do this etc, but mostly it takes from a few days to a few weeks depending on these factors. There is a possibility to interface VITS with a personnel program which makes the setup process much faster and creates future data synchronization.