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Why is VITS better than Excel?

Published by Jaanika Jelistratov on
Why is VITS better than Excel?

VITS is not perfect (nothing in this world is!), but it has a number of CONVINCING FUNCTIONAL


But let’s start right from the beginning.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers bear a great responsibility – to keep

safe and protect their greatest asset, that is, the health and well-being of their employees. The

proper preventive work resulting therefrom inevitably requires time and energy, and the

accompanying bureaucracy feels more like a cumbersome obligation that “just needs to be done”.

This is what the VITS platform was created for – to make the reporting, required by legislation,

SIMPLER and MORE MANAGEABLE, hence leaving more time to focus on the real occupational safety

prevention work.

We have put together everything that is needed (and mandatory!) – including a step-by-step

checklist (see the picture below) together with the necessary documentation, in order to make

administering all that pandemonium as TIME-SAVING and PLEASANT a process as could possibly be.

Among other things, VITS does not make life easier only for the employer, but also for the

employees, because it automatically reminds them by e-mail, should any of them forget to validate

their instructions’ or personal protective equipment cards.

REMINDERS are just that little extra element that may seem marginal at the first glance, but is in

reality, oh-how-convenient! In Excel, this work cannot be automated. You probably know and have

experienced how all these little activities can fill up a whole working day from morning to evening.

As an entrepreneur and employer, you will be a complete pro when you use VITS – and not just when

looking in the mirror or in the eyes of the employees, but also as seen by the labour inspector. And

VITS is more than PRESENTABLE to be presented to the latter – just log in and voilà, everything is

there. No rummaging in computers, or looking for the staff member, who has just left for vacation,

and who is the only one that can figure out and define who and when needs to have a health check

next or where the risk assessment document for your company actually is.



Seeing is believing – click now, create an account & try 14 days for free!

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