Health and safety training is considered tedious and bureaucratic, but it is necessary to protect both the employee and the employer. However, it should be clear that simply feeding the papers to the employee and signing them is not enough to protect the employer in the event of an accident at work or an occupational disease. Here are some tools to make safety training more effective and exciting.

1) Powerpoint presentations

Powerpoint presentations are easier for employees to follow because they contain keywords, images, drawings, and are logically structured. The supervisor can focus on what is most important during the presentation and it is advised to give specific examples about accidents at work and incidents in your work environment.

2) Discussion between the employee and the supervisor

Once the material has been worked out by the employee, then discuss together about the content – what is new, what is most important, etc. An example of possible questions is here. I recommend to have the discussion after reading each safety instruction, because then the reading of the guide will be fresh in employees minds and the knowledge will become better established during the discussion.

3) Using videos is definitely one of the most effective instructional materials

If the company has made professional videos about work processes and it’s safety, then you can use them. But if not, then another option is to make a video, for example, with a mobile phone and later explain what is important in this video by using a screen recorder. The third option is also to use the screen recorder, but for explaining the powerpoint content. This also saves the supervisor’s time, because he/she doesn’t need to attend the health and safety training. The employee can work the videos through independently. One good tool for screen recording is Loom.

4) Playful tests also add content to the instruction.

The purpose of the tests is to get an idea of what is still unclear for the employee, but the tests also help to consolidate what has been learned. Tests can be performed in the old way, ie the employee completes the test on paper, but it is much more exciting to use, for example, the Kahoot environment. Kahoot allows you to build tests in a more playful and exciting way.

Different methods can be used together or separately to build the coaching process. It depends on various factors such as how much instruction material you have, and so on. You can read more about what to keep in mind when building the health and safety training process here