It is always important for us to understand who our customers are and why they have decided to use VITSa and how they are doing. This time, the sequel is Atemix Industrial Automation and we will highlight the strengths of Atemix and ask them why the well-being of their employees is important to them and how VITS helps them in this.

Atemix is committed to increasing plant productivity and efficiency through industrial automation, robotics and software. In addition to making their customers’ processes more efficient, they also want to keep their internal processes digital and efficient.

Atemix is interested in a long-term employment relationship with healthy and motivated employees

Atemix is a fast-growing and frugal team. Most of the time, their work takes them to different factories, where innovation has to be put into practice. It is all the more nice to see how the team feeling has been preserved despite the object-based work. Various measures have also been taken for this purpose, such as…

  • Opportunities for regular feedback where there is interest, joy or concern for employees and solutions are found;
  • Remembrance and celebration of important employee events;
  • Team events to develop cooperation, sometimes to relieve tensions, but definitely to create fun memories.

Katrin Ahlberg, Atemix’s personnel development company, considers it important to recruit suitable employees for the company: It looks like we’re out here with Atemix for one goal. We also want to help industry move one step towards digitalisation and ensure that healthy people behind the machines work, who are aware of the safety rules and are able to maintain their health.

Just as Atemix aims to ensure efficiency, for us, healthy employees are equal to efficiency and productivity in doing work.

“Healthy and well-kept employees are our most important resource to keep the company running long-term and successfully. Just like gasoline for a car. In order for the movement to be smooth and the journey smooth, it is necessary to use the best fuel. Which in turn in our case consists of different parts. One of these is the use of the VITS tool. “

Atemix makes a strong contribution to its employees by enabling…

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables every day;
  • Personal, high-quality and comfortable work clothes and safety equipment;
  • Support for work-life balance;
  • Comprehensive development on topics of interest to the employee, as well as the opportunity to reconcile work and school;
  • psychological counseling.

VITS has helped to achieve efficiency

Atemix has been using VITSa for about 1.5 years now, and they have pointed out the following about VITSa: “We have been with VITSa for quite some time and have received quick support and solutions to any concerns or questions that have arisen. VITSa has always welcomed us and offered solutions. The biggest victory is that once we set up the VITSa system for ourselves, then in the future VITS has taken away from us the great headaches and deadlines that come with hiring new employees and documenting them. Thanks to VITS, more hours have been added to our working days. ”

“In summary, VITS is a tool that helps us keep an overview that everything important is available to the employee, all instructions are signed and nothing is overlooked. VITS also reminds when an employee needs to be referred for an occupational health examination. ”Adds office and team assistant Liisi Soonvald.

We wish Atemix much success and strength.

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