Corona hasn’t gone nowhere, but you can feel the eager to return to normal life by the companies and people. I like the idea, that is said by several specialists, that we need to learn to live with that virus. Life has to continue especially to support the economy. For us, as a part of the economy is important to avoid another spread of the virus and for that it is highly important to keep maintaining good hygiene and distance.

Below you will find some tips & trick, how to return to work safely.

1. First most essential thing is to conduct a risk assessment about the impact of the corona virus on your employees.

  • Identify the source of the virus – where your employees can be infected (in contact with colleagues/clients, subcontractors aso)?
  • What is the probability to get infected? This depends, how many contacts your employees have and how long and also is there a possibility to keep distance?
  • Describe prevention measures you have already put in place to keep your employees safe.

From the information above you should decide if current measures are enough or you need to add additional ones. Next you will find some ideas, what else to do to keep your employees safe.

2. Persons at risk or when some employee has a family member, who is in the risk group, should stay at home at least until the state of emergency is over.

3. Create a schedule to avoid big masses coming to office at once. Create small groups and they can start attending work at agreed schedule.

4. Avoid physical meetings or if it is necessary, then use bigger meeting rooms, where is possible to keep distance. Also why not to have some meetings outside, where is plenty of room 🙂

5. Measure how many people at once are allowed to be in coffee corners/kitchen to be able keeping 2m distance.

6. At the front door there should be desinfectants to clean your hands before entering and after leaving the workspace. We don’t want to bring potential virus to work or to home.

7. After finishing workday employees should clean their workplace and work equipment with desinfectants.

8. PPE is necessary, when it is not possible to keep distance, you don’t have the opportunity to clean your hands or you are in contact with many people, like customer service.

9. Always consider first collective protective measures to keep employees safe, like physical barriers, because PPE is usually quite uncomfortable.

10. Remind employees, that when they feel sick, then they HAVE TO stay at home and consult with a doctor.

11. Employees should be encouraged to let you know, if they have fears regarding corona virus and getting back to work

12. Share with your employees regularly updates about new measures, situation in the company and also good news. The last part is especially important, because for the last 1,5 months there has been only bad news.

13. “Control the pulse” of your employees. It is good to check, how your employees are feeling and what is bothering them. You can create a small questionnaire in example Google Forms or Typeform and once a month send this to your employees.

14. If your company is compensating health related costs for the employees, then as sport clubs are closed, employees can use it also for visiting psychologists if employees feel the need to deal with their fears.

15. Organize fun virtual challenges or competitions, like 300 000 steps per month, interesting photo captures on your way to work aso. It helps to raise team spirit and positive emotions.

I hope you found some good ideas and can start to return slowly and safe to regular work life.

Be safe!

Jaanika Jelistratov
VITS founder

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