One of VITS’ values is innovation, which is especially beneficial in the current situation where physical contact needs to be kept to a minimum.

The focus in occupational health and safety is currently the fight against coronavirus, but occupational accidents and diseases do not wait for corona to pass. Other risks and hazards in the work environment still require our attention. 

We have been preparing ourselves technically to be able to support you fully from the other side of the screen.

1) Training:
If classroom training is cancelled, don’t despair – we’ll do everything online!
Our first training, “Occupational Health and Safety Documentation”, will take place on 8 April.
We’ll be talking about mandatory documents and necessary actions.
More information and registration HERE.

In addition, our online training course “24h Health and Safety Training” will soon be ready.
If you’re interested please let us know ( and we will inform you when the training is up and ready.

The very first students will be getting a discount 😊

PS! It is in Estonian and focuses on Estonian requirements. But we work to have that in other languages as well.

2) Risk analysis, safety instructions and audits:
Thanks to our partner Vsight, we have the technical capability to visit a company and conduct audits without being physically present. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection, and with Vsight technology, we can monitor the working environment, ask to see different processes, tools or chemicals more closely, and also use different signals to guide your attention to potentially dangerous areas.

As a VITS customer, you also have the option yourself to use this technology to pay virtual visits to your other units and branches.

VSight Remote enables experts to connect to the field, which is the point of impact, instantaneously and solve the problems or do inspections remotely. 2-way video and audio communication, PDFs, manuals, step by step instructions are represented into the real world with VSight Remote Augmented Reality (AR) support.

3) Consultation: From time to time you simply need to consult with a specialist or quickly review documents together. Book an appointment and let’s meet virtually.

4) Work environment specialist services with VITS:
You can hire a work environment specialist to support you in your occupational health and safety responsibilities. Thanks to VITS, all activities can be carried out virtually and you also get an overview of the state of health and safety at your workplace.

If you can’t find the right service on this list, or if you would like to specify something, please call or write.

Stay healthy!

Jaanika Jelistratov
+372 55623741