Time shows, that weather conditions can change dramatically from warm to cold with dangerous black ice. Although we know, that winter is coming, still it feels like ice on the ground comes like a suprise every year and ER is filled with injured people.

Here are some tricks and tips, how not to end up in the ER during winter.

1) Don’t rush! If you are going out, then first make sure, if the ground is slippery. Don’t rush! Otherwise you will notice slippery after being with your nose on the ground. Rather be careful and focus on walking.

2) Don’t keep your hands in the pockets! Maintaining body balance helps to prevent slips and therefore spread your arms out and move carefully. Like penguins 🙂

3) Use support! Coming out from car, get support from car door or from handrail, when coming our from some building. If it’s possible, then use a sky pole to get additional support.

4) Walk on grass! It is not very nice to walk on grass, but it is much more safer, if the pavement is slippery.

5) If you fall, then try to fall on your side! Sometimes if you start slipping, then it is much safer to just give up and try to control how and where you fall. Usually, when people fall, then land on their hands and get bone fractures on their wrists and elbows. If it is possible, then try to land on your side. It will definitely hurt, but there is less likelyhood to get some serious injury.

6) Wear suitable footwear! Sometimes only nails under your boots can prevent you from slipping, but still during icy times always prefer low-heels show, that also supports the ankle.

Enjoy winter, but be safe! 🙂