Every company with employees has health and safety requirements to follow. I know…it is time consuming and so bureaucratic. But they are important to protect companies against fines and law sues. Also it affects the safety of their employees. Paper itself doesn’t avoid work accidents and work related diseases, but it protects the company, if something happens and the company needs to prove, that the employee was trained (i.e). The best solution to avoid work accidents and work related diseases is for the health and safety specialist to be in the actual workplace and see what is going on there. That is were VITS aka Virtual health and safety specialist is coming in.

Of course, accidents and diseases happens, when employees are not aware about risks. But this is another topic to post about.

How VITS will help you?

VITS is a solution, that helps to save time on producing health and safety documents. Also it ensures that you have done all necessary activities regarding health and safety.

One of VITS functions is to reduce time on safety training process and also to make it paper free.

The system creates safety training cards automatically

System allows you to send the cards to employees to their e-mails

Employee gets a unique link, where he/she can read all safety instructions and confirm the safety training

In VITS system you can see in what status the confirmation is (Pending or Confirmed).

System also sends automatically reminders to the employee, if the training is not confirmed.

The same process is with personal protective equipment.

As you can see, with VITS you just need to add new employee and click one button. Everything after that happens automatically. Now you can go to the workplace and prevent risks.

If you are interested, then you can book a demo

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